All Our Testimonials are Real

Every single one of our testimonials are from REAL people who nicely decide to give us their opinions or to write us a thanks letter about our Tender care services in Arlington, Texas. And we thanks all of them for that and for the trust.

January 25, 2013 My mother has been a resident of Tender Care Home for Adults since March 2010. I looked at several places prior to placing her. The group home environment facility has been a true blessing. Mother is healthy and most of all happy. The care that is provided is outstanding.

Martha Payne

Tender Care supplies the personal care my Mom needs and the peace of mind I need. She loves the home environment and one on one attention from her caregiver. If you can’t be with your loved one 24/7 trust them to Tender Care where they treat you like family.

Jana Haynes

We have found Tendercare Home for Adults to give quality of care to my father, within a family atmosphere. It has become my home away from home, since my father has been a resident for over 5 years. The staff are our adopted family because they care, and take charge of his welfare when I am not there. I thank each and everyone for their T.L.C. and may God bless them.

Heather Taylor

My name is Erma Bonner-Platte. I am a member of an organization called Guardianship Services. This organization was created by the Tarrant County Probate Court. Its primary function is to assist in the care of citizens who are unable to care for themselves.

As Guardian for Emily Weisner age 99, I placed her in Tender Care Home For Adults in 2006.

I am very pleased with the excellent care they provide for their clients. They are not aware of when I might visit. The facility is always clean and so are the patients. I have placed wards in many facilities across Tarrant County. I rate this facility as Excellant.

As my mother-in-law, Betty, advanced through the stages of Alzheimer’s, we were saddened by our options for her ongoing care. Then one day a visiting nurse told us of a different kind of care. They told us of “Elizabeth” who had a nursing home in Arlington that might have an opening. Not really expecting much, we drove to the address and found, instead of an institutional building, a home in the midst of a neighborhood. We called the contact number, thinking surely it was the wrong address. However, Elizabeth arrived shortly to meet with us and show us inside. We were instantly taken by the clean house, residents, and the caring, Christian attitude of Elizabeth and all those who were at work there! That feeling has only intensified over the past 2-3 years as we’ve seen the consistency in how they care for, and relate to, the residents.

It’s a joy to stop by for a visit and find a great smell coming from the kitchen. One day the attendant had Betty up “dancing” with her! Normally detached, she smiled and even giggled for a brief moment. Within a few weeks of being “home”, Betty’s visiting physician service was able to lower her blood pressure and anxiety medications. We directly attribute this to the loving sounds, smells, and sights that surround them in the home.

We can’t thank Elizabeth and Tender Elderly Care enough for the blessing that they have been to our family. We believe that they are the best option available for providing a peaceful and healthy living situation for someone who requires 24-hour attendance.

-Debbie Beng